Sun moon combinations

Sun moon combinations

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Feb 19, 2007 · First of all the effect of the placement of the planets depends upon the ascendant in the chart. However, in general irrespective of the ascendant, placement of moon in any of the signs of saturn is very harmful for the affairs relating to marriage especially when saturn is also aspecting the moon by any of the major aspects. With moon in Taurus, though, natives can become gluttons for good food and drink, usually equating price with quality. Symbolized Moon-signs by the Bull, the typical moon-in-Taurus person is a lover of meat (especially beef) and potatoes, smothered in rich gravy, with home-grown produce on the side, perhaps coming from its own garden.

If Moon or Mercury is conjunction with Sun due to conjunction with Sun Moon or Mercury loses its strength and unable to give good result even though the Moon of Mercury placed in own house or exalted condition. If Mercury is in conjunction with the malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Sun, and Rahu Ketu .

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their combinations - Saravali – Arvind Sharma Good combination If the Moon is in 7th, the native will be amiable, happy, will possess a good physique and be sensously disposed If Mercury is in 7th, the native's wife will be very learned, beautiful in appearance, will not be of good descent, will promote quarrels and be very affluent.

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Sun Sign, Moon Sign gives you a deeper insight into your own-and your friends' and family's-true personality, and leaves you Learn the characteristics of each of the 144 Sun-Moon combinations.•

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