Nti boiler ignition lockout

Nti boiler ignition lockout

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Built-in features include safety lock-out, freeze protection, and high elevation adjustment. These units also offer several innovations: Condensing technology – The most advanced Noritz unit, over 93% efficiency level! Combi-system set-up – Open loop system functionality for both potable water heating and space heating combination system. The direct spark ignition with reduced gas firing rates is an efficient method of gas ignition while the remote flame sensor monitors the flame. For added safety & peace of mind, the direct spark ignition with remote sensor will lock out system after trial for ignition if main burner fails to ignite.

boiler after a lock-out situation. Also it is used to exit from any of the menus or parameters of the boiler without saving it and to return to the previous menu level. 17. ON touch button: This button switches on and off the boiler. 18. Boiler temperature touch button: This button is used to select the boiler set point temperature.

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NY Thermal 82058 Nti Ignition Control Board module, Trinity Our Price: $185.03 NTI 81896 Flow Switch FS-380, .5 activate [M100(V) manufacuted before 2/21/2008] M100(V), Combi (T/Ti)

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