Build tank toram

Build tank toram

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Heii everyone !I hope this video can help youto build your own tank Discord - Instagram - sub...

Build Tank Knuckle Shield! (low budget) Toram Online. Просмотров 3,5 тыс. Месяц назад ... The bowgun tank is a versatile build that can generate the highest amount of aggro by using infinite MP recovery. ☆ requires lvl 175 ☆ all skill point emblems KBear ... Toram Online Bow Build lv185 For Free Player by LordBolt

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Toram Online: Super Rare Gem Run @Pillar Golem (Nightmare) Chilling with Guildmates ^.^ Saved by Saif Wazed. 1. Ok Boss Rare Gems Chilling Battle Lol Running Keep ... SELLING A HIGH END TORAM ACCOUNT S> 6 SLOT ACCOUNT - 210 DS good build (berserk, gsw, saber aura) - 215 Tank all weapon good build (skill dancer, minstrell open) - 210 BS VIT (Lock 4,Fill stat,getok 0-B,craft armor) can be played as support - 215 HB good build (dt, chrono, minstrell open) - 167... Naturally as a luck build, you have low int. With int build, this puts you into high enough int power to 1-2 shot NC, with full luck, and have another 2% drops from xtals. These xtals are cheap, all listed averaging 50-60k. If you have 2 slot equips, feel free to ask about them. Boss Farmer. Add: Mining Bag (Grand Pojo)

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Before I forgot, tanks can be a mage, an ohs user, a knux, a bg, and a semi-tank ths. As of now, I have three kinds of tank (ohs, bg, and knux). But then again, there's no such thing as a perfect tank and I'm about to discuss the pros and cons with this build. Another update: I'm currently using Mtl>Agi>Vit stat. Apr 10, 2019 · Welcome to the Toram Online Forums. Please make sure to read our rules and be friendly to all our members. ... T-t-tank(cap 200 Tank build/guide) Discussion in '1 ...

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